Beeswax candles

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Beeswax candles are the BEST candles ever .Because of its pleasant aroma and beautiful light Beeswax was the preferred candle type by royalty since 6 th century. A golden glow and long burn time are the charm of a handmade beeswax candle.One fabulous alternative to paraffin candles is a natural beeswax candle. When you burn paraffin it gives off toxic soot that harms indoor air quality. Even soy candles can’t compare to beeswax, since most soy is genetically modified and highly contaminated with pesticides..... read more ..

Diffuser Oils

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Nothing to hide . Straight to you , from Nature . Auro launches a new range of Diffuser oils for the home that celebrate the abundant beauty of the natural world by bringing the purest essences from field and forest into daily life .  


The Fragrance of your home is the first thing someone notices upon walking in your house . Every house has a certain smell that can sometimes be very inviting or sometimes kind of weird . The scent of a home can affect people’s perceptions as much as the colour of the room . It has been proved that memory related to scents can last far longer than visual memory. 

Fragrance inspired Bakery

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So we decided to make our Christmas more special and interesting this year . It is a citrusy Christmas for us  , inspired by our love for our Petitgrain candle . The fragrance revolves around  the orange tree  . Imagine on a chilly winter morning , you take a walk by the orange tree , you can smell the citrusy orange , which is slightly bitter , slightly sweet with some woody undertones . And so we wanted to translate this into Bakery . A unique idea , isnt it ?

Our Story

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Neha Vij , Candle Designer , Auro Candle which was started in Agra in 2010, channeled her passion for Design aesthetics, and love for nature into establishing a business that sells scented candles. The idea was to provide natural and luxury products & fragrances which are safe to use and help in relaxation .A lack of awareness about candles and the fact that most Indians buy candles only around Diwali are some of the challenges that Neha is surmounting gradually.Auro Candle officially came into existence in 2010. .... 

Candle Making Kit

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Introducing our first Candle making kit ,,, A fun ,easy and educative way to make candles .It Comes with a handy tutorial which helps making candles easier . It makes for a great gift for your hobby class friends or for your adult friends who have always been wanting to try their hands on candle making .

Paisley stories

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Our architectural series Candles set new standards ,not just in the way they burn but in their totally new style and shape . Made from natural wax they are naturally aromatic and produce clean and bright flame .

Monochromatic Hollow Square

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Candles are a beautiful way to spruce up a room as they are easy to embellish and accessorise with any theme. So here is a quick candle Diy that we did using our black and white hollow square candle . We used a White Tray on the sidetable along with some fresh greens to add some color and life to the living room . The candle can be lit using an Led or a tea light . Play some light music , pick up a good book and light up our scented candle which doubles up as a lamp for a relaxing and rejuvenating evening .

Earthy glow containers

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The terra-cotta container fashioned in rich, earthy red clay brings a sense of warmth and tradition. These beautifully hand poured scented palm wax candles are perfect for adding Winter cheer to any home. These are a perfect gift or a lovely indulgence for yourself - once the candle has burnt why not use this unusual pot as a planter for flowers.100% palm wax .

New fragrance : Woodland

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Introducing our new line of Luxury Pillar candles . We use vegetable wax for all our pillars and yes they burn for approx 50 hrs !
Our new Fragrance : WOODLAND
It is an intense woody fragrance reminiscent of redwoods and rainforests . The freshness of the fragrance will remind you of fresh woodsy rain . It contains notes of cedarwood , patcholi , frankincense , lichen .
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