About Auro Fragrances


AURO comes from "aurum" - the Latin word for gold. It signifies the first golden rays of Sunlight . 


 At AURO , We believe in the values of Purity and wellness with Elegant Design .


 Our products made with the purest possible essential oils create a feel good environment at home .


All our products are Handcrafted and Ethically Made in India .



From the selection of the wax, to the quality of essential oils , the cotton and wooden wicks and the packaging of the product, every ingredient and every process is carefully considered, making our products an ode to sustainability, purity and clean light .


At AURO ,We believe in healthier fragrance practices . When you inhale the vapours of an essential oil, the various aromas stimulate the smell receptors in the olfactory system , which then sends messages through the nervous system to the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that controls emotions. . This process is called neuro-associative conditioning, which is your body’s ability to link a healing response to a particular smell. 

 It also explains why smells often have the power to trigger a specific memory. When you scent candles with artificial fragrance it means you are releasing synthetic compounds in the air , which can sometimes lead to skin , nose and eye irritations for some .


Discover your quiet moment to unwind and to appreciate the delicate and exquisite fragrance in everyday life .