Beeswax candles have been crafted around the globe for thousands of years. Rare and expensive. Beeswax costs about 10 times more than paraffin. 


Beeswax candles are the BEST candles ever .Because of its pleasant aroma and beautiful light Beeswax was the preferred candle type by royalty since 6 th century. A golden glow and long burn time are the charm of a handmade beeswax candle.


One fabulous alternative to paraffin candles is a natural beeswax candle. When you burn paraffin it gives off toxic soot that harms indoor air quality. Even soy candles can’t compare to beeswax, since most soy is genetically modified and highly contaminated with pesticides. Even 100% soy candles must be processed with an amount of paraffin, which means those chemicals are still being released when burned. So be sure you’re getting a quality and healthy candle .


Did you know beeswax is made from honey? It’s true. It is estimated that the bees must fly 150,000 miles to collect enough nectar to produce six pounds of honey just to secrete one pound of wax. And for every 100 pounds of honey harvested, the beekeeper can only obtain about 1-2 pounds of the beeswax. Bees collect nectar and pollen to make honey to feed the hive. As they eat honey, their bodies make wax. With this wax and honey the bees build combs. When the time is just right, beekeepers open these to collect the extra honey and collect combs to make pure beeswax candles.


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A honeycomb constructed from beeswax is a great example of engineering. It consists of hexagon shaped cylinders that fit naturally side-by-side. It has also been shown to be one of the strongest possible shapes while using the least amount of material.


Here are 5 reasons why Beeswax candles are the best : 


  •  100% Pure

Beeswax candles do not require chemical processing. Beeswax is one of the densest waxes and has a high melting point. This means that beeswax doesn’t need any hardeners, additives, or chemical treatments to make a quality product.






  •  Brighter, Longer Burn

Beeswax candles emit light that is similar to the light spectrum of sunlight. Because beeswax has a higher melting point  of approximately 149° Fahrenheit than other waxes, it emits the brightest, most warm-toned flame. Beeswax candles also last longer than most other candles .






  •  Subtle, Natural Scent

 Beeswax created by bees is naturally scented by the honey and nectar of flowers packed into the honeycombs and gives off a subtle fragrance as it burns. In short, it’s a natural substance straight from mother nature.


  •  Air Purifying

 Burning beeswax actually purifies the air. Beeswax candles emit negative ions which bind with particulate matter in the air, causing the floating particles in the air to drop to the ground. Because of their air cleansing properties, beeswax candles are a great candle option for people with allergies, asthma, sinuses and sensitivities.





  •  Environmentally friendly: 

Beeswax candles are environmentally friendly! 100 percent Beeswax candles are non-toxic and don’t require any bleaching or hydrogenating. 

Beeswax is widely used by the cosmetics industry, in everything from lotions to lip balms. Cheese makers use it as a coating to prevent spoilage. Candles have been formed from beeswax since the 6th century. Beeswax is even used in medicines (as a coating), electrical components, and varnishes. Sealing envelopes and pain relief are also some of the uses of Beeswax . 

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