Neha Vij , Candle Designer , Auro Candle which was started in Agra in 2010, channeled her passion for Design aesthetics, and love for nature into establishing a business that sells scented candles. The idea was to provide natural and luxury products & fragrances which are safe to use and help in relaxation .


A lack of awareness about candles and the fact that most Indians buy candles only around Diwali are some of the challenges that Neha is surmounting gradually.


Auro Candle officially came into existence in 2010. After a formal education from Amity University Noida, Neha started Auro Candle as a hobby but later turned it into a full time profession . Applying the love of elegant aesthetics, belief in nature’s intelligence, perfume training ( yes she is a certified Perfumer ) and commitment to ethics, she creates refined products that are unique and eco friendly. 


Auro Candles can only be described as candle fine art. Luxurious on the eyes, lit or unlit . At Auro, we believe in the power of nature .We believe in the values of purity and wellness with elegant design. Candles are an essential lifestyle product - they add something special to a home. We believe in the beauty of handmade products . Each of our scents smells authentically of the plants from which they were created because we utilise 100% pure essential oil.



We love weaving stories with our candles. Each of our designs tells a story and takes its inspiration from our history and nature . Our designer candles are a reflection of the same. They are handcrafted and ethically made in India.




A truly unique candle is created using 100 % pure beeswax candles with wooden wicks, they add a modern appeal, an intriguing visual aesthetic and an enticing soft cracking sound. Beeswax candles are all natural, they produce negative ions when burned and those ions help to neutralise pollutants in the air . 



We invite you to indulge yourself a little everyday in the affordable luxury of Candlelight . So go ahead and light them up .

Auro candle also produces finished products for other brands ,  Including custom essential oil fragrances and custom designed packaging.  For Private labelling , you can contact us directly at .