Trees have the power to change lives. Planting the right trees in the right projects can bring economic sustainability to poor rural communities, as well as provide significant environmental benefits.Trees prevent soil erosion, are pretty vital in maintaining and regulating most water cycles, and help check global warming by using carbon dioxide in photosynthesis.

So it's quite scary that over the past 50 years, about half the world's original forest cover has been lost. We strive to produce candles in a mindful manner. Whenever possible, we use natural ingredients for our candles. We run a Campaign “ Plant a tree” , where we plant new trees for the betterment of the environment . We distribute free seedson purchase of our candles so as to encourage people to grow more and more trees in their surroundings.

Our inspiration comes from Nature.Therefore,Webelieve in giving back to the Mother Earth, to the rich community, where we work and produce handmade candles.During the production of candles we constantly ask ourselves how we can be an environmentally and socially responsible member of our community.