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Trees have the power to change lives. Planting the right trees in the right projects can bring economic sustainability to poor rural communities, as well as provide significant environmental benefits. We strive to produce candles in a mindful manner. Whenever possible, we use natural ingredients for our candles. We run a Campaign “ Plant a tree , where we plant new trees for the betterment of the environment . 




Our Signature Line of pure beeswax has an aromatherapy value that helps with relaxation, de-stressing, and focus . The sweet, heavenly scent of honey is Smooth, rich and creamy . This is a perfect blend of vanilla, milk and honey notes blended together to result in a heavenly sweet honey fragrance. Will make your mouth water! Pure beeswax provides negative ions, which help to eliminate dust, odours, toxins and other airborne particles from the air.


Private Label

The Auro process

We offer a complete development service from design concept to the final approved product.
• Our design team will assist you in designing the idea. 
• From the selection of materials , wax processing method, selecting wicks, natural and subtle fragrance ,the candles are subjected to many trials before production.



Received the candles. They are lovely. They smell so heavenly. My house is floating in the aroma of these candles.
Thank you very much!




 we have been featured !


Photo Candle

Hollow photo candle

The personalized candle evokes a nostalgic and classical sentiment, adding a stately air to the room. All you need to do is send in your picture to be printed at . The picture in the candles is a sample image and not for sale . It comes with the glass plate.


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