About Auro Candles




 Auro is a home fragrance brand that celebrates the union between exceptional natural fragrances and beautifully crafted pieces .


We believe in the power of nature .We believe in the values of Purity and wellness with Elegant Design . 


Our 100% natural essential oils are distilled from various species of flowers, grasses, leaves and trees.


Our blends are made with the finest raw materials selected for both their unique scent profile and purifying qualities of each plant .    


Our Inspiration comes from India and we want to bring to life the stories of India through design and fragrance , right from the flora and fauna of our mountains , raw nature to the lush green forests , the lakes , rivers and above all our History .


At Auro we believe in envioronmental sustainability and ethical responsibility . All our Products are Packed in environment friendly packaging .We do not use plastic for packing any of our products .

All of our ingredients are derived from safe and renewable resources.