About Auro Candles


Neha Vij, Candle Designer, Auro Candle which was started in Agra , channeled her passion for Design aesthetics and love for nature into establishing a business that sells scented candles. A lack of awareness about candles and the fact that most Indians buy candles only around Diwali are challenges that Neha is surmounting gradually.


After a formal education in MBA from Amity University Noida, Neha started Auro Candles as a hobby but later turned it into a full time profession . Applying her love of elegant aesthetics, belief in nature’s intelligence, perfume training and commitment to ethics, Neha creates refined products that are unique and eco friendly.


Neha is a certified Perfumer and creates her unique blends of perfumes . Neha has turned the craft of candle making into a sophisticated art with her interesting designs. She is currently working from her studio in Agra .



Auro Candle  only be described as Candle Fine Art . Luxurious on the eyes, lit or unlit . 
Handcrafted .Ethically made in India .
  • We Believe in the Power of Nature.
  • We Believe in giving back to Mother Earth .
  • We Believe in reducing the use of Plastic .
  • We believe in the values of Purity and wellness with Elegant Design .
  • We Believe that candles can be rooted in the art of traditional handicrafts and be natural and
  • eco friendly at the same time .
  • We believe that Candle is an essential lifestyle product ,they add something special to a home .
  • We believe in the beauty of Handmade products and we pride ourselves on the care and
  • effort that goes into making each candle .
Each of our scents smell authentically of the plants from which it was created because
we utilise 100 % pure Essential oil. 
We love weaving stories with our candles . Each of our design tells a story and
takes its inspiration from our History and Nature .
Candles create softness and intimacy, they enhance interiors whilst delicately bringing calm,
happiness and serenity .
Packed in environment friendly  packaging , the Candles offer a sweet amber lighting that
exudes a warm and intimate charm .