About Auro Candles

Auro Candle  only be described as Candle Fine Art . Luxurious on the eyes, lit or unlit . Handcrafted . Ethically made in India .
  • We Believe in the Power of Nature
  • We Believe in giving back to Mother Earth 
  • We Believe in reducing the use of Plastic 
  • We believe in the values of Purity and wellness with Elegant Design 
  • We Believe that candles can be rooted in the art of traditional handicrafts and be natural and eco friendly at the same time 
  • We believe that Candle is an essential lifestyle product ,they add something special to a home 
  • We believe in the beauty of Handmade products and we pride ourselves on the care and effort that goes into making each candle 
Each of our scents smell authentically of the plants from which it was created because we utilise 100 % pure Essential oil. 
We love weaving stories with our candles . Each of our design tells a story and takes its inspiration from our History and Nature  . Candles create softness and intimacy, they enhance interiors whilst delicately bringing calm, happiness and serenity .
Packed in environment friendly  packaging , the Candles offer a sweet amber lighting that exudes a warm and intimate charm .